You will need
  • - school textbooks;
  • - popular scientific books about animals;
  • - circle of young naturalists;
  • channel Animal Planet.
Of course, if you have seriously decided to learn biology, you'll need theoretical knowledge. You should start with a school course and preferably in the same sequence. First, you should familiarize yourself with the cell, its structure and composition. Then study the protists, the plant Kingdom, from the simplest blue-green algae to higher. The following are the mushroom Kingdom and the animal Kingdom. Then you can move on to human physiology to study muscle, circulatory system, nerves, musculoskeletal. Gather knowledge about the biochemical processes occurring in the body, study the genetics and ecology.
Biology is an interesting science, if we understand it not only from textbooks but also in practice. In your city there is a circle of young naturalists? Go there. To study the structure, behavior and instincts of animals much more effectively not from books, and living example.
If you are eighteen and you are low on finances, you can take part in the expedition. In Russia, for example, they are organized by the Russian geographical society. You can go anywhere: from the White sea to the remotest corners of Africa. Under the guidance of scientists you have to perform tasks to study the wildlife of the area.
See popular science films about the life of animals. This can activate the Animal Planet channel, where the show constantly interesting and high-quality films on wildlife and its fans. The knowledge received in this form will be remembered much faster and will be postponed for a long time.
Naturalists written many books which are interesting not only to scientists but also to a wide circle of readers. Try reading the books of Gerald Durrell. Due to its great style and sparkling humor of the writer, you can easily gather a lot of interesting information about the wildlife.