Training tutorials

In order to successfully pass the exam, you need to fully master the material we offer you high-school biology course. Contact the library and ask them to give you a set of books for all the years that have studied the subject. Re-read all the books, brush up on knowledge. You need to understand the complex mechanisms occurring in nature. But in preparation for the exam can not do without cramming classes mammals and life cycles of microorganisms must be learned by heart. In addition to textbooks, it is advisable to use additional literature: manuals for admission, recommended Universities, materials for preparation for the Olympics.
Popular authors for preparing for the exam – Dogel, Bogdanov, Yarygin.


Many Universities conduct courses for those wishing to take the exam. The price is significantly lower. Lectures by experienced teachers, who will try to convey to you the maximum amount of information to analyze in detail complex topics and answer your questions.

Regular exercise

When you prepare to pass exam collection tests over the past years should be your reference book. Please contact her every day. Solve tests, check and re-read threads that you are not well learned. It is advisable to do the job in all sections. If you can take the test twice – excellent, this will help you deeper understand the material.
The re-passage test that you first write is not very good, it is better to come back in a few days so that the letters of the correct answers was forgotten, and the knowledge settled.

The solution of problems

It is impossible to prepare for the exam on the biology and ignore the problem. Engaging in self-education, don't lose sight of them. Learn the laws and formulas that you'll need to calculate the length of the DNA chain and the quantity eaten by rodents for the predator at the top of the food chain. You should be able to solve tasks not only correctly, but also quickly, because it affects your score.

Popular science films

Getting ready to take the test without a teacher, use all available materials to help you. For example, a huge amount of useful information you can glean from the popular science movies that you can watch on channels Animal Planet or Discovery. Tape can be as the family entertainment nature, for example, the feeding of young sloths, and serious themes – the eye structure of insects, the evolution of microorganisms. Any question about the wildlife you may come across on the exam, so the wider your horizons, the higher the chance to get a good score.