You will need
  • - clean notebook;
  • model tests;
  • computer;
  • - the Internet.
To start preparing better for the exam as early as possible before handing it over. Most of the students preparing for the exam the last two years of schooling. This is the perfect option. If you decide to train alone, this time you will need for successful preparation and passing the exam.
The first step is to clearly define the time you'll spend on training. It is best to distribute it evenly on all week. You will learn more material, with training for an hour a day than if you Wake six days rest, and the seventh whole will spend on a textbook.
Also it should clearly identify the subjects for which you need to pass the exam. Many people choose a large amount of items to not to reach points in one go to College with others. It is also correct, but it is better to fallback to not select more than one object. Otherwise, you may not have enough time and effort to prepare.
Get a notebook specifically for exam preparation in each subject. They should be issued all the rules and formulas which can be necessary on the exam to when you need to quickly restore them in memory, you don't have to look where they are recorded. So you only need to flick through a notebook.
It is best to prepare for the exam such standard tests. You can buy them in any bookstore, you can also find online sites to prepare for the exam. When you opt for the tests, be sure to see that they were in the year in which you take the exam. At first glance they do not differ much from last year, but actually many nuances change every year. This may depend on how well you pass the exam.
When you decide preparatory tests, consider each job. In no case do not put the answer at random as it does not make sense. If you do not remember the material on which the question is asked, find the theory and good look. You can go to the classroom teacher and clarify if something remained unclear.
Also in the Internet there are many videos, where explain you how you can solve most of the tasks in the tests for each subject. Tell an experienced teacher. These online classes can easily replace training with a tutor. You can find an explanation for almost any topic. And do you can at any time convenient for you.