Enter in the address of this document the name of your organization or its structural subdivision, the name and initials of financially responsible person. Specify the number of the commodity reportand the date of preparation of this document and the period for which it is necessary to make a report.
Before filling out part of the incoming reportand be sure to collect all of the credit documents, as each of them will need to record separately. Select the vendor, type of receipt document, the date of compilation and serial number. Calculate the total amount received and furnished goods for the entire period needed for the report. Calculate the result coming given the balance of the previous period. Thus, in this part of the reportand should reflect the balance of goods in value terms at the date of the previous commodity report, as well as the value of received goods and packaging, according to the accompanying documents.
Prepare all supplies and documents needed for fill part of the incoming commodity report. In this part you will need to determine the total amount of consumption of the product (and packaging) within the reporttion period. Please note that each expenditure document must be submitted in the product reporte as a separate line. Each relevant line must be specified:- the amount of revenue receipts of the CSC;
- the amount of revenue from small retail, small wholesale and wholesale trade (in accordance with incoming orders);
- the sum of losses associated with the return of illiquid or low-quality goods;
- the cost of moving goods;
the difference in price with small retail, small wholesale and wholesale trade, etc.
Don't forget that all income and expenditure documents should be placed in chronological order. If you joined recently, promeropidae commodity reports compiled by you, since the beginning of the work in this position. Avoid corrections and erasures in the commodity report. If you notice any mistake, neatly cross out it, enter the correct data over fixed line, label it "fixed" and date. Be sure to reassure the new data signature of the accountant and other financially responsible person.
Make a commodity report in 2 copies, each of which must be signed by the accountant and financially responsible person. Direct commodity report for approval by the head of the organization.