You will need
  • - Riva Tuner;
  • - Nvidia Control Panel.
When working with graphics company Nvidia will update the drivers for the device. Open site and go to "Drivers". Complete the form below stating your model of video card (Nvidia 8600 GT/GS/GTS) and operating system.
Download the proposed programme and install it. Now download Riva Tuner. Restart the computer after installing applications. Click the right mouse button on the desktop. Go to "Nvidia control Panel".
Open the tab "Manage 3D settings". Disable all the possible items in this menu. Remember that this method will reduce the image quality, but significantly improve the performance of the graphics card. Save the settings and close the control panel.
Run Riva Tuner and open the menu "Home". Click "Customize" and select "driver Settings". Activate the "Enable overclocking on the driver level" by marking it with a tick. In the drop-down menu, select the mode 3D.
Find the field "memory Frequency" and "core Frequency". Adjust the positions of sliders in those paragraphs. Do not increase the frequency too fast. Best to periodically raise rates up to 40-50 MHz.
Remember that the changes will take effect immediately after clicking Save. After selecting the desired parameters of the video card check the box next to "Load settings with Windows". In any case, do not activate this item before you test the video card with the specified parameters.
Now click "Apply" and close the program Riva Tuner. Restart the computer and start the desired 3D application.