You will need
  • - consultation of the doctor
  • proper nutrition
  • - folk remedies
  • a trip to the beauty salon
If you are healthy and pigment spots were the result of unbalanced nutrition and lack of folic acid in the body, reassess your diet. Start taking vitamins and eating spinach and cabbage. Diversify the diet of foods rich in vitamins C, A and B.
There are various ways of getting rid of pigment spots on the body. This can be done at home or in the salon. While at home, take a lemon and squeeze the juice. Lemon juice bleaches the skin perfectly. Dilute it with water (1 tablespoon juice and 10 tablespoons of water) and wipe the affected areas of the skin several times a day.
To get rid of the problem will help the cucumbers. Cut the cucumber into slices and apply them to problem areas. Additionally, you can grate the cucumber and the resulting slurry apply on dark spots. Also, several times a day, wipe chloasma cut into two pieces of cucumber.
Kefir is a wonderful natural remedy for pigmentation. Apply it on the body for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with water at room temperature.
Celandine also copes with spots. Its extract can be added to the bath and soak in the water for about half an hour. It is important not to overdo the dose, so, before use read the instructions carefully.
Beauty salons use a number of techniques, relieving from pigmentation. It's cleansing, peeling, dermabrasion, cryotherapy and laser removal of spots.
Cleansing is carried out using bleaching cosmetics.
Exfoliation removes the dead layer of the skin. It is not suitable for people with thin delicate skin.
Skin polishing is very effective, but can cause damage to the skin, so if you have sensitive skin, you should better choose another method.
If the leather is treated with cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen, however, in this case it is possible to SuperCool the epidermis.
Laser removal is perfectly cleanses the epidermis, but this method can cause skin burns.
Suitable for your skin's method of getting rid of stains can be prescribed only by a doctor. So, before you go to the beauty salon, consult a dermatologist to get rid of pigmentation and not damage the skin.
If your skin is prone to spots, with the arrival of spring start to take care of her. Use a sunscreen and are not a long time in the sun.