You will need
  • - Parsley juice;
  • - milk or honey;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - starch;
  • - cottage cheese;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • - ammonia;
  • Kalina;
  • - yogurt or kefir;
  • - grapefruit, cucumber, blackcurrant, lemon, or pomegranate juice.
The juice of fresh parsley is the best remedy for getting rid of age spots. It can be pure to put on problem sites or pre-mix in equal proportions with milk, lemon juice or natural honey. To get rid of freckles or age spots on the face, apply this mask on cleansed skin of makeup evenly and leave for half an hour, then rinse with cool water. Pat the skin with a soft cloth and lubricate nourishing cream.
To lighten age spots will help mask of lemon juice and starch. A tablespoon of potato starch dilute with freshly squeezed lemon juice to make a thick slurry (the amount of ingredients you can decrease or increase, depending on the number of pigment spots on the body or face). Next, apply the resulting paste on pigmented skin areas and leave on for twenty minutes rinse off with warm water. It is recommended to use this recipe two to three times a week.
There is another old folk remedy for combating age spots on the skin. A tablespoon of natural rustic cottage cheese, mix with two teaspoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide, add the same amount of ammonia. All thoroughly in a glass bowl, apply cheese to age spots in small pieces, pressing well into the skin. After twenty minutes remove the mask. This procedure is recommended to do it every day and cheese to hold no less than twenty minutes.
Try to get rid of age spots using frozen snowball juice. For this you need fresh berries, wash them in a colander under running water, dry and crush, squeeze the juice. Pour it in molds and freeze. The resulting pieces snowball ice wipe twice a day to pigmented skin, actively massaging her. Soon the spots become much lighter.
Excellent folk remedies against pigment spots are grapefruit, cucumber, blackcurrant, lemon, pomegranate and birch juice, and the juice of dandelion leaves and fresh parsley. One of the above pressed juice should be lubricated pigmented areas of the skin several times a day. To lighten spots you can also use fermented milk products (yogurt, kefir). They are recommended to lubricate the skin two to three times a day (as in the case of juices).