You will need
  • Lime, water, lemon, honey, chopped almonds, milk, sorrel, spinach, leaves and fruits of mountain ash, cream, radish, carrot juice.
The first tool, is used to treat age spots is the daily washing with Linden tea. For cooking, you need to brew two teaspoons of the Linden Cup of boiling water.
Another good folk remedy – lotions of a mixture of lemon and honey. For this you need the juice of one lemon mixed with two tablespoons of honey. Then it is necessary to impregnate a gauze cloth in the mixture and apply to the spots. Holding the compress for 15-20 minutes, to wash off warm water.
For moderate pigmentation helps almond mask. For the preparation you need half a Cup of almonds, pour a glass of boiling water and wait 5 minutes. After that, the water should drain into the container, and the almond skip through Mincer. Further, a mixture of almonds and added one tablespoon of boiled water and the juice from half of a lemon. The mixture is pounded until smooth and apply on pigmented spot, and after half an hour it needs to come off almond water. This mask is necessary to perform two times a week.
Also, to get rid of age spots, you can use a mixture of shredded leaves of spinach, sorrel and ash. Conceding three tablespoons of the mixture through a meat grinder, add a tablespoon of yogurt. Next the mask is applied on the spots and rinse after 20 minutes water.
This mixture can also alternate with a mask of the radish. The pigment causing the stain layer of nourishing cream, from above to put slices of radish. After 30 minutes, wipe the skin with cool milk.
If the pigmentation is moderate, the color of the skin can be aligned, greasing it twice a day carrot juice. After drying the stain, wipe with a solution of water with milk in the ratio of 1:1.