Complete the full examination at the hospital to identify the root cause of the formation of spots. After that, to cope with their appearance will be much easier. The doctor will prescribe you a course of corrective or curative therapy. Follow the specialist's recommendations and take all prescribed medications, and then re-pass the diagnostics.
To whiten existing stains use traditional medicine. Mix lemon and cucumber juice in equal proportions and wipe them patches of skin with increased pigmentation. Procedure is carried out three times a day for as long as the spots will not be noticeable. Instead of the mixture of these juices are suitable, for example, grapefruit, parsley or currants.
Apply on age spots, sour cream, yogurt or sour milk for 15 minutes. The passage of time remove the mask with a cotton swab dipped in lemon juice or lime broth (1 tablespoon per liter of water). A kind of mask use 2 times a week. A positive result you will notice very soon, because lactic acid has strong bleaching effect.
Mix fresh buttermilk with flour to make a thick consistency. Apply the mask on the skin for 40 minutes. Rinse with warm water and use any moisturizing whitening cream.
May resort to using curd mask. Mix 2 tablespoons of curd with 1 tablespoon of sour cream. Add in the received weight 15 drops of hydrogen peroxide. Apply the mask on cleansed skin for 15-20 minutes.
If no changes followed the use of folk recipes, visit the beauty parlor. Spots can be removed using chemical and mechanical peeling, burn them with a laser or discolor other ways. Which option will suit you, say specialist. But before applying radical methods, go to a dermatologist and consult on possible contraindications.