You will need
  • 1) Parsley, moisturizer.
  • 2) a Monthly infusion of a tea mushroom, onion juice.
  • 3) Melon.
  • 4) Lemon.
  • 5) Cucumber, vodka.
To remove the pigment spots and give the skin elasticity, that will help parsley. Summer and spring: grind in a blender the parsley leaves until the consistency of porridge and apply on the spot of pigmentation of the skin for 20-30 minutes. Then wash off the mask with cool water and apply moisturizer. Autumn and winter to do the same mask from the roots of parsley.
Pigmented spots on the skin can be lightened with a monthly infusion of Kombucha and onion juice. Mix in a glass container with 2 tsp of infusion Kombucha and 1 tsp onion juice. Apply the mixture to the place of formation of age spots and leave on overnight. In the result of daily use of this mask the spots will disappear.
Excellent remedy for pigmentation – melon. To make the melon peel inside to the skin, bandage and leave overnight. With daily use, throughout the season, age spots disappear completely.
If you have dark and oily skin with pigment spotsof the mi, it can be lightened with lemon. A squeeze of lemon 2 teaspoon of juice and mix with 0.5 Cup water. Moisten in this solution a cotton pad and wipe the skin daily. With constant and prolonged use of pigmented spots and freckles, leaving the skin.
Grate cucumber on a fine grater and squeeze the juice from it, mix with the same amount of vodka. Drain in a glass bowl, cover and leave for the day. Wet the gauze in the prepared mixture and apply on the skin. If applied to the face, the gauze need to cut space for the nose, mouth and eyes. To make this mask you need 3 times a day for 10 days.