Friends, Hobbies, and bad habits

For starters, you can ask the man about which sport he prefers. In addition, many like talking about. Those who are fond of "solitary" sports like swimming or Jogging, usually strive for independence and I feel quite self-sufficient. Fans of team sports will strive to compete in life. As for men that sport is not interesting at all, is usually quite sensitive and at the same time independent nature.

You can also ask the man a question about friends and about how long this friendship lasts. If he's friends with the same people, it is said of the constancy of his nature. At the same time it may be too conservative, and the girl will be difficult to bring into his life any changes. Quite a lot of time may be required in order to gain his trust. If the man is on friendly terms with colleagues, classmates, neighbors – so, it can be easy to take along in the company of friends or the wedding of a friend. It easily adapts to any company.

You can take a chance and try to find out what bad habits have the potential date. If he is a fan of gambling – so gets pleasure from risk and always ready to embark on a doubtful adventure. In addition, next to an avid player comfortably feel only a person equally adventurous warehouse. Heavy smokers often people are fickle, so build them a stable relationship is very difficult. Though they are still better than drinkers.

Preferences in clothing and food

Girl can afford to ask the question, what style of clothing the man would like to see her. If he was quite satisfied that his companion wore a t-shirt and jeans, so he's a very down-to-earth nature and would like to his companion, too, was quite earthly and realistic thinking. If he prefers the expensive and elegantly dressed ladies, the most important thing for him is the prestige, and he will always strive to make good money. However, it may happen that the outer shell will be more important than the internal content.

Another question, which is unlikely to surprise the man: what are his favorite dishes. If he prefers the traditional cuisine, for example, borsch, dumplings, goulash, etc., it is a reliable person who hold to traditional views on life. It can rely on, but we should not wait for the manifestations of the initiative. If he is a lover of exotic dishes – so he often changes his mind and does not support persistence.

Such a small "interview" will get a first impression on a potential suitor, although, of course, in order to better learn and understand it will take some time.