Based on what is of interest to the partner. Sexy background, appearance or any talent these are the qualities that attract at first. A real feeling based on a deep respect, affection, concentration on the inner world of a close person. Please note, I wonder whether you know of his troubles and victories. Happy or sad you are with him. How much influence the appearance on your attitude. If it's love, it is likely you are certainly going to notice that something is wrong, but it will not play a decisive role. Favorite we see "inner" vision, which is why we are always the most beautiful and desirable.
A sense of ownership. It is known that freedom for any man is more important than love. If you love the person truly, you're able to give him the freedom to let go if the circumstances require and not expect anything in return. Are you ready for the well-being of another person do not limit personal space and to respect the decisions without making their adjustments. If he decides to leave, will you hate or release with the world? Will you accept as a given the fact that he can't answer to your feelings? In the case where the answer to all questions is Yes, no doubt there is love.
Feelings. Usually about something real to say extremely hard. If you say the words "I love you", and then just as easily can offend the person, you know, it's not love, that's obsession, passion. It is not called, but bright and clean feeling this emotion very, very far away. Love dooms dumbness. Very often it looks similar to indifference. This occurs from the fact that loving people do focus more on feelings other than his own.