Modern songs are very easily remembered. So try humming a few lines from any song to any of your friends. Perhaps she's familiar to your loved ones, especially those who do a lot of listening to music.
Go to a store that sells music CDs. Most likely, the shop staff will be able to help you. People of this profession have to be aware of all novelties. There you will be able to purchase a CD with any music.
If you have Internet access, you can try to find the song through any search engine like Yahoo!, Google, and Yahoo. Typing in the search bar, you will remember the passage. The only disadvantage of this method is that you will probably have to browse many pages with songs that are similar in text.
It is now popular to download any music on the social network. It's very simple to search, because users often, except for the name and artist, write a little snippet of the song. Try typing in the search bar, audio -records the lines you remember.
If you hear a song on the radio, try to go to the official website of the radio station. Very often it lists the most popular songs. There is also usually a list of the music played live.
If the above methods do not help, take the help of free service for music recognition To use it, you need to record a clip of a song (15 sec) to the recorder and upload the resulting file. The system will process the request and will try to give all the basic information about composition.