Advice 1: How to find a song like this

When the discs with your favorite songs listened to a lot, I want something new, but in a similar style. Fortunately, there are online resources through which you can find a lot of music to your taste.
How to find a song like this
You will need
  • computer, Internet access
There are services recommendations that automatically searches for similar songs. An example of such a site Enter the name of the track that you like into the search bar and press Enter. The page will appear a list of top hits songs, presumably similar to you entered. Recommendations are based on preferences of multiple users of the resource.
Another interesting site - There you can search for similar music by artist, style, decade, and key words. The resource also allows you to listen to tracks and watch videos of musicians found.
From English-language services, you can call the website Enter the name of your favorite artist (film, actor) and the system will give you a list of similar. Such a search can be carried out indefinitely, clicking on the names found performers. The list is displayed in the form of a visual map with the floating bubbles, the more popular the artist, the bigger the bubble.
Similar resources -,, We should also highlight music network Bloson ( c huge database of music where you can request a list of similar music, view clips and read artist biographies.
If you registered on the site find similar songs you can on it. In the tab Audio in may 2011, there is a button Recommendations. Based on your song list, the site will give a list of music that may be of interest to you. This formed the list of compositions list of recordings of those users with whom you have the most matches. This service often offers tracks that you have in the list already, but also allows you to learn many interesting unknown bands and artists.
On various music forums have threads where users give recommendations, share information. There can suggest similar songs, similar in style to your favorite songs.

Advice 2: How to find artist of a song according to

Sometimes the words of a song spinning in my head, and what kind of work, and who the contractor is, you don't know, or forgot, or doubt. Find artist of a song by words in the Internet.
How to find artist of a song according to
Enter the familiar lines on the Internet in any search engine "Yandex", "Google", "Rambler", "Yahoo!" no matter, the result will be a huge list of sites with phrases where the searched words.This list systematically you begin to view, filtering out songs with the full text and names. Most likely, at this stage it will be clear who takes so separee the soul of the work.
Proceed to search for artist. Often the same song can sing several different artists. For example, the legendary "My Way" ("My way") in different years and sang Frank Sinatra, and Paul Anka, and Elvis Presley, and even Sid Vicious, and many others.And as much as people singing "Moscow nights", the most often song in the world, what is even written in the Guinness Book of records, and do not count.Therefore, in order to be completely sure, you need to find the sites where your desired song, you can listen to or download. Alternatively, enter a query such as, "My Way performers.
Further, accordingly, listen to or download a few options.
Focus on the fact that once a fuse in soul.
Useful advice
It may happen that you need to find the artist of a song, who sang it only once, or recording are very rare. For example, a draft version of the "Rare birds" Vyacheslav Butusov in English or "New York" from Freddie mercury (there originally was only a verse and a chorus of voices, from which later mounted the Remix).

Then, to help you special websites to find the rare songs and artists,,, etc.

Advice 3: Where to find music from the movie

Often the film memorable is its musical component. But to find your desired song or ringtone after viewing is difficult because the songs I write are not always even in the credits.
Where to find music from the movie

Find the song in different ways. You can simply find information about the movie on the official website or on sites specializing in gathering information about a movie on IMDb. On the page about the film, it is possible to find the list of songs and melodies that were heard in the film. Also, such information is in the Wikipedia article about a particular movie.

If pages of the web about the film, there is no list of soundtracks, you can try to find them individually. In any search engine enter the name of the movie and "OST", for example, "Doctor Who OST". In the search results should appear tunes and songs that are listed on the official soundtracks of this movie or cartoon. Often, clicking on links, issued by search engine for page, you can find the entire list with links to download ringtones.

The most effective way of discovering music from the film is the search with the above parameters in the large "banks" of music. The CIS website with free access to the greatest number of music is a social network "In contact". Account contact is almost everyone, so access problems are unlikely to arise. The familiar search parameters enter in the search on audio. Unlike previous methods, search in the "In Contact" gives several times more results, besides, they can just listen.

Download the song from the "In Contact" with one of the following ways. To install the add-on FlashGot for FireFox (then just play the melody and click on the icon that appears "film zip — the file will be downloaded to your hard drive, you can also download online videos) to find a special program to download the songs directly from this site, to find supplements similar to FlashGot for other browsers.

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