You will need
  • computer, Internet access
There are services recommendations that automatically searches for similar songs. An example of such a site Enter the name of the track that you like into the search bar and press Enter. The page will appear a list of top hits songs, presumably similar to you entered. Recommendations are based on preferences of multiple users of the resource.
Another interesting site - There you can search for similar music by artist, style, decade, and key words. The resource also allows you to listen to tracks and watch videos of musicians found.
From English-language services, you can call the website Enter the name of your favorite artist (film, actor) and the system will give you a list of similar. Such a search can be carried out indefinitely, clicking on the names found performers. The list is displayed in the form of a visual map with the floating bubbles, the more popular the artist, the bigger the bubble.
Similar resources -,, We should also highlight music network Bloson ( c huge database of music where you can request a list of similar music, view clips and read artist biographies.
If you registered on the site find similar songs you can on it. In the tab Audio in may 2011, there is a button Recommendations. Based on your song list, the site will give a list of music that may be of interest to you. This formed the list of compositions list of recordings of those users with whom you have the most matches. This service often offers tracks that you have in the list already, but also allows you to learn many interesting unknown bands and artists.
On various music forums have threads where users give recommendations, share information. There can suggest similar songs, similar in style to your favorite songs.