Contact any of the search engines of the Internet. Enter the phrase of the song, you remember in the search bar. If you can only remember the first line of the chorus, and by a happy coincidence, it is the name of the song, the probability that in the result list of your query you will find what you need, is quite high. So you know the name of the artist and will be able to find a song to listen to. If you remember only part of the verse, then you have to see one of the results in this case operates on the principle "from General to specific", that is dismissing the least likely options. For example, you know that the song takes the woman, then, not necessary to pass on the link where the artist is Enrique Iglesias or Depeche Mode.
You drive a famous line of the song, even if it's words the middle of the chorus, in the Google search bar. Do not rush to press Enter append after the word "lyrics", which means "the text of the song". The song will definitely be found, but be careful, maybe she didn't sing a single performer. You will have to eliminate some options before finding it in the desired performance.
Use the search engine All of Lyrics, it allows you to find the text of a song by its title, this is useful if you line the chorus of its duplicates. You can also use a fairly easy website on it in the special Windows drive word or phrase that you remember. It is clear that the word "love", "goodbye" and so on will give too many results are found, so try to remember something special.
Sing a song in the connected a microphone to your computer after clicking “Click and Sing or Hum” on the website Note that the system will help you find the right song , provided that your performance will be more than 10 seconds, and you remember the motive.