You will need
  • - receipt of payment of a fine;
  • - receipt about payment of state duty;
  • - photocopy of the old passport;
  • - the original of old passport;
  • - the application for replacement;
  • - 3 photos.
The first thing you will need to contact the passport office and fill the change request document. It is necessary to attach 3 photos (35*45 mm. it is Necessary to make a photocopy of your birth certificate and evidence of children, if any. If you are married take a copy of the certificate of marriage. For men who had served in the army always mark on military duty, so in the passport office need to bring a photocopy of the military ID.
In the passport office you indicate the office of inspector, with which you will fill in the Protocol on the appointment of a penalty. Failure to change a passport is regarded as a misdemeanor. So you need to pay from 1000 to 1500 rubles. The specific amount will be determined by the inspector. After you pay the fine and state fee to obtain a new ID, you can proceed to the standard system, the change of the passport.
The inspector should make a note in your statement that the penalty is paid. Then you can hand over all the collected documents. You must also attach a photocopy of the old passport and the original. Within 10 days you are required to issue a new document.