Advice 1: How to change an expired passport

In the accelerated pace of modern life often it happens that people forget about some important things. This could happen with the replacement passport. However, in 20 and 45 years must be subject to change. It is a month after my birthday. If this time came, then a new document will have a slightly different order.
How to change an expired passport
You will need
  • - receipt of payment of a fine;
  • - receipt about payment of state duty;
  • - photocopy of the old passport;
  • - the original of old passport;
  • - the application for replacement;
  • - 3 photos.
The first thing you will need to contact the passport office and fill the change request document. It is necessary to attach 3 photos (35*45 mm. it is Necessary to make a photocopy of your birth certificate and evidence of children, if any. If you are married take a copy of the certificate of marriage. For men who had served in the army always mark on military duty, so in the passport office need to bring a photocopy of the military ID.
In the passport office you indicate the office of inspector, with which you will fill in the Protocol on the appointment of a penalty. Failure to change a passport is regarded as a misdemeanor. So you need to pay from 1000 to 1500 rubles. The specific amount will be determined by the inspector. After you pay the fine and state fee to obtain a new ID, you can proceed to the standard system, the change of the passport.
The inspector should make a note in your statement that the penalty is paid. Then you can hand over all the collected documents. You must also attach a photocopy of the old passport and the original. Within 10 days you are required to issue a new document.
If the passport office together with housing your customer information on registration, the issuance may be delayed for a few days.
After paying the fine for expired passport in the Bank, you have to give the second part of the receipt. It should be presented to the inspector at the passport office in order to make a mark in the Ordinance and allowed to continue to receive a new document.
Useful advice
After obtaining a passport, check that it is correctly filled in. You need to make sure that all marks you put, for example, information about children registered marriage and military duty.

Advice 2: How to change the passport

Currently, it is possible to issue the passport of the new and the old model. In the passport of the new sample - a special biometric photo. Kids in a new foreign passport is not fit for them to do my passport. The state duty for the passport of the new sample - 2500 roubles of the old sample - 1000 roubles. The biometric passport is issued for 10 years, the passport of the old sample - 5 years.
How to change the passport
You will need
  • 2 copies of application form, photos, Russian passport and its copy,
  • work-book for unemployed people,
  • a copy of the workbook for working people, for males aged 18 to 27 years: military ID and a copy/certificate of the military Commissariat at the place of residence (form 32);
  • for members of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: permit command, old passport, payment receipt of state duty
To issue a passport and the new you can in the district OVIR. The possibility of processing passport of the old sample it is necessary to clarify in each city.
When making new passports biometric photo is done directly in the delivery of application form. The photos that you want to stick on statements, can be arbitrary (colored, black and white, clothing, any), but the size 35 on 45 mm.
If you have a passport of the new sample, the child make his own passport regardless of the age of the child. When applying for a passport for the child must provide:

A copy of the Russian passport of the parent providing the statement (page + registration (registration)

Photocopy of birth certificate

A copy of a leaflet about the Russian citizenship (for children born before 2002)

A photocopy of a reversal of a passport of the Russian Federation (from 14 to 18 years) of all the pages of registration (residence permit)

1 application form

1 photo (picture can be any, only on matte paper)
At registration of the passport of the old sample required the same documents as the passport of the new generation, but the photos it takes four.
Get ready passport, you can 1 month. You can also use a paid service expedited processing of the passport, in this case, the passport of the old sample, you can get through 9 days, the new sample is in 12 days.
Useful advice
Men after 27 years of military card is not needed.
Because when filling out the application, not allowed any errors and inaccuracies, you can contact the experts who will help you fill out the questionnaire.
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