In that case, if you do not have registration by place of residence, and you urgently need to exchange a passport (for example, in the case of marriage or upon reaching the age when the exchange of passports), please contact the division passport-visa service at the place of actual residence, where you will require the following documents:
- passport, which you want to convert;
- a statement which must include reasons for replacement passport (form 1P);
- birth certificate (original and copy);
- certificate of marriage, if a replacement passport is due to marriage and name change (original and copy);
- 2 passport photos (size 3.5 x 4.5 cm);
- receipt about payment of state duty.
In this case, the period of the replacement passport will be at least 2 months. But this time will seem not so burdensome, as in the case of refusal of registration of the new passport, you will be required to pay a large administrative fine up to 25 minimal wages.
If you are in the actual place of residence is within ninety (90) days or more, then try to secure the consent of the person providing you accommodation (home owners or apartment that you rent, a hotel or relatives who have sheltered you at the time) and to issue a temporary registration under the old passport.
Contact the Department of passport-visa service, where present all required documents. The visa processing time is 2 months, however, if you have temporary registration, you can register and passport, and driver's license, if necessary.
It should be noted that in fact, and in another case is very difficult to get a work contract or official staffing as to the new INN and the new card SNILS is possible only upon presentation of a valid passport. If you are already working in the city where you have no registration, the employer can help to exchange SNILS, turning to the pension Fund at the place of your actual location.