Advice 1: How to change the passport without a residence permit

There is an urgent need to replace passportsand registration of place of residence (residence permit) you do not have? It's real, according to the current legislation, people wishing to obtain orchange a passportare not required to have a residence permit.
How to change the passport without a residence permit
In that case, if you do not have registration by place of residence, and you urgently need to exchange a passport (for example, in the case of marriage or upon reaching the age when the exchange of passports), please contact the division passport-visa service at the place of actual residence, where you will require the following documents:
- passport, which you want to convert;
- a statement which must include reasons for replacement passport (form 1P);
- birth certificate (original and copy);
- certificate of marriage, if a replacement passport is due to marriage and name change (original and copy);
- 2 passport photos (size 3.5 x 4.5 cm);
- receipt about payment of state duty.
In this case, the period of the replacement passport will be at least 2 months. But this time will seem not so burdensome, as in the case of refusal of registration of the new passport, you will be required to pay a large administrative fine up to 25 minimal wages.
If you are in the actual place of residence is within ninety (90) days or more, then try to secure the consent of the person providing you accommodation (home owners or apartment that you rent, a hotel or relatives who have sheltered you at the time) and to issue a temporary registration under the old passport.
Contact the Department of passport-visa service, where present all required documents. The visa processing time is 2 months, however, if you have temporary registration, you can register and passport, and driver's license, if necessary.
It should be noted that in fact, and in another case is very difficult to get a work contract or official staffing as to the new INN and the new card SNILS is possible only upon presentation of a valid passport. If you are already working in the city where you have no registration, the employer can help to exchange SNILS, turning to the pension Fund at the place of your actual location.
There is no registration, no one person in Russia for 20 years. To issue the passport at the place of treatment in any Department of the Federal migration service. In this organization, you need to notify about loss of passport, and about getting a new one.
Useful advice
Generally speaking, "registration" is now firmly tied only to electoral rights and right of use of the car. All other rights (to work, to medical care) is difficult, but can be implemented with an empty fifth page of the passport.

Advice 2 : How to obtain a passport in another city

To obtain a passport as the place of registration, and any other Department of the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation. The only difference is the date of manufacture of the document.
How to obtain a passport in another city
You will need
  • - old passport;
  • leaflet on citizenship;
  • - two photos (size thirty-five by forty-five millimeter, black-and-white or color;
  • - certificate of marriage (if the passport needs to change);
  • - the document confirming the change of surname or name (if a new passport is issued for this reason and not in connection with marriage);
  • receipt stating that the fee was paid two hundred roubles;
  • - application for change of surname to the new (in the case of marriage);
  • - application form (issued by the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation).
Contact bodies of the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation immediately upon reaching the age of fourteen. Or if a new passport must be obtained in connection with a change of name, lost, old, or a timely replacement, in twenty and forty-five years). Don't delay going to the passport office. To write an application for a new document is required within one month after the occurrence of the age or other circumstances in which registration of other passport need. Otherwise follow penalties.
Tell the employee of Federal migratory service of the Russian Federation the set of documents. He will be given a questionnaire that needs to be filled on the spot and return back. Indicate in the relevant boxes surname, name, patronymic, date, place of birth, and gender. Write about their family situation, their surnames, names and patronymics of parents, place of registration and region of obtaining a passport. Mark the reason for the clearance or replacement of a document. Sign and leave a signature. Make a record of the previous personal data (surname, name, patronymic, number and date of issuance of the previous passport) on the reverse side of the form. Fill in the right line number, series and date of issue of passport, if available.
Come to the bodies of the Federal migration service of Russia in two months, if you apply for a passport in other city, not the place of registration. This is the time required staff members in order to send a request to the Department to which you are assigned. After receiving positive response, you will be issued a new document.
Useful advice
If you get a passport you need to urgently go to his hometown, in the Department of the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation at the place of registration. There is a production time of the new document will be only ten working days.

Advice 3 : How to restore a passport without a residence permit

Lost or stolen passport - not the worst thing in life. But very often citizens of the Russian Federation losing its core document, while in another city or having a residence permit, and then face a number of challenges.
How to restore a passport without a residence permit
You will need
  • - birth certificate;
  • - two black-and-white or color photographs;
  • - the documents confirming citizenship of the Russian Federation (if you need proof of citizenship);
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
Within 30 days from the date of loss of passport , please contact the office of the Federal migration service with a request for reinstatement of passport that you can fill by hand or on the computer. In it specify the address of the last residence and the date of its execution, and why recovery passport. If you will not be able to fill it, you will help researcher in the division of the FMS, who took the documents. He also will notarize your signature.
In the event of theft of the passport be sure to send a similar statement to the local internal Affairs bodies of the Russian Federation and give the police information about the incident. Be sure to include the place, time theft, and other circumstances necessary in the case. Information provided by you will be checked in databases of operational information and investigative accounting.
Employees of the passport Department of the police, to which you have applied, will have to make a request to the district police Department of that city, in which you have permanent registration, to get all the information about you.
A temporary ID will be issued to you by the staff of the FMS unit on the day of receipt of all documents. For this you will need one photo and receipt of payment of the amount for the form ID.
Take the Department of the FMS account details and pay the state duty in savings Bank. Recovery passport will be made within two months from the day of receipt of all documents.
Remember that the individual may appeal the action or inaction of the authorized persons in pre-trial and in court. The refusal of the Federal migration service in the recovery of the passport is illegal and contrary to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.
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