Advice 1: How to change damaged passport

Citizen of Russia is obliged to keep your main document, but in life anything can happen: the document can be izgryzt favorite puppy to izrisoval markers child, it can be sent to the Laundry in the breast pocket of his windbreaker... in short, if your passport has been ruined, you need itto change.
How to change damaged passport
You will need
  • - photographs;
  • - to pay the state duty;
  • - personal documents.
Make two color or black-and-white photographs of 35x45 mm, full face If you are going to obtain in the period of registration documents, temporary identity card of the citizen of the Russian Federation, do 4 pics.
Pay the state fee in form № PD-4SB (tax). In the column "Purpose of payment" please specify: "the State duty for issuance of passportand the citizen of the Russian Federation". The amount of the fee and the payment details will need to specify in advance.
Contact the FMS of Russia (the passporttion table) at your place of residence (stay). Bring photos, payment receipt of the fee, birth certificate and other documents necessary for putting in a blank new passportand mandatory markings: military ID, proof of custody/divorce, birth certificates of children under 14 years etc. do Not forget to take unserviceable passport – it will need to pass.
Complete the application form for issuance of the passportand of the established sample. Fill out the application legibly by hand, or download the form, fill it in a text editor and print. As the reason for the replacement passportand indicate "unsuitability for further use".
Turn in all collected documents along with the application to the authorized employee of the Federal migration service. Get if you need a temporary ID of a citizen and wait 10 days. If you have applied not at the place of residence and place of stay, the waiting period can last up to 2 months.
Come for a new passportom the FMS at the appointed time. Carefully review the document. If the document contains any errors, return it for correction. Re stamp duty in this case, you will not be charged.
Put samples of their personal signatures on the form are properly executed passportand the application for issuance (replacement) of the passportand the date of the receipt of the new document. Return a temporary certificate if you have received the employee of the FMS and take away his documents that you handed over for marking, together with a new passportom citizen of the Russian Federation.
Useful advice
If you are a registered user of a Single portal of public and municipal services of Russia, statement on the issuance of a new passport instead of worn document, you can apply from the comfort of home, online application.

Advice 2: How to change everything in your life

If you want change, it is important not to "mess things up" and not to demolish everything that was built over the years. Everything that happened before this moment, is already in the past. We need to take all the best and create on this basis something even more beautiful.
How to change everything in your life
Get rid of useless sources of information. Unsubscribe from the old lists, do not go on the former sites do not read the books that I read before. Stop watching movies. Don't listen to old music. All that has come before has led you to the current stop in life. To go further, we need new sources of information that will take you to another level.Read a few good books-biographies on the life of great people. Note what sources of information they used in life, what books read, what people met and talked. Think about where you are now to obtain information for moving forward. Make a plan to explore new sources of information.
Clear the way for the new. New life can start with a trivial house cleaning. Throw away junk that has accumulated in cabinets and Desk drawers. Do it quite ruthlessly. Do not cling to old things that mind to get rid of, but which you will not use.If any item you have not used the last 2 years, he probably will not need it. Take things in the porch or on a bench in the courtyard - people will understand, someone else will come in handy. But you will have a free space for new life.There are very few things that you should take in the future. The rest of the stuff only hinders your forward movement. Get rid of it as soon as possible.Make the house a permutation. Let all will be unusual - this will help you to get out of the comfort zone and move on. Will have nowhere to retreat, and thoughts begin to work in new ways.
Get new habits. Start doing something unusual, something never done before. For example, get up early and go to in the morning for a walk. Take daily any branch of the tree. Observe how it changes during the year what was happening to her. It will bring you joy and make changes in your life.You can think of a lot of such simple habits. They will not take much time but will be your secret way to success. The whole life consists of such trifles. Accumulate these creative little things in different areas of your life.
Define your goals for the next 15 years. What you want to be during this time? Ask yourself this question not too late at any age. Write a simple plan to achieve your goal and start to follow it right now. 15 years is enough time to learn anything at a very decent level.When you're watching the distant goal, all the daily efforts make sense. Once this goal will be achieved. And now you change everything just to achieve a specific goal. Don't be afraid of long periods and large numbers. A 15 years later will regret how you spent these years. A focused effort will help you to gather a bountiful harvest.
It is not necessary to push yourself to the fullest, so as not to burn out. Practice gradual entrance into a new life. If you decide to do morning exercises, start with one exercise. When you get used to it, add to it other. You will not notice how will have new, wonderful habits that will stay with you for years to come.
Useful advice
Keep a diary to see your progress. Even brief notes will inspire you in difficult times.
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