You will need
  • Contact the local Department of the FMS of Russia;
  • To get an application form;
  • To specify basic information about yourself;
When applying to the Federal migration service of Russia at the place of residence you will be given an application form for the issuance (replacement) of a passport. Fill it out, legible handwriting is necessary. The first line is necessary to write the surname, name and patronymic, for example: Petrova Elena Ivanovna.
Write your date of birth: day, month and year. For example: April 30, 1984.
Specify the place of his birth. It may be village, town, city, district, oblast, Krai. For example: Moscow.
It is necessary to specify your gender. For Example: Female.
Specify marital status. If you are not married: not married / not married. If you are married, it is necessary to indicate the surname, name and patronymic of the wife (husband), on which the Registrar registered the marriage. For example: Petrov Oleg A., Nagatinsky registry office in MOSCOW.
Surname, name, patronymic of the father and mother. Specify the initials of your parents: Ivan Krasnov A., Krasnova Tatyana Sergeevna.
Place of residence, stay. Delete if not applicable. In this line, specify the name of region, area, your locality, street name, house number, housing and apartments. For example: Moscow, St. Nagatinskaya Naberezhnaya, d. 62, kV. 24.
In the eighth line you will have to specify was whether you used to be in a foreign country and when he took Russian citizenship. This applies to those who were previously a citizen of another country. If you is not true, write: was not(La). If you've lived in another country, enter the name and date of adoption of Russian citizenship. For example: United States of America, 18 February 2001.
The next line specify, in this connection, you need to issue (replace) the passport. The reason may be that the change of name, reach a certain age, loss or theft of the document. For example: request to issue (replace) the passport in connection with a change of name. Below enter the date of completing the application and your signature.
In the next line write the details of your old passport: series, number, issued by whom and when.