Start writing a description of yourself with the appearance. The color and hair length, eye color, body type – all these will help to present your image to the person who you had not previously seen. But, of course, the description of the person's appearance is not very accurate. In most books some characters are described exclusively from the outside, and therefore each reader formed a different image of the characters. However, a much better and more accurately describes people not appearance and character and behavior.
After completing the portrait in appearance go to the description of his character. Describe own interests, preferences in different fields. For example, what kind of music you like, what books prefer movies that you liked lately.
• Think about what you like and what you are, on the contrary, avoid.
• What characteristics in people you are attracted to, and what behavior is off-putting.
• Describe your ideals: what you seek, what you want to achieve, what or how do you see yourself in a few years.
All this helps to create your individual and unique image to write a description of yourself and make it more interesting and rich.
There is a third, deeper level to write a description of yourself. It is to formulate their own arguments on certain events taking place around us and to Express their attitude to them. However, be careful here. As suggested must be your own and based on personal judgment, not thoughts, taken from various sources. However, expressing the thoughts of others, you also describe yourself. But this description definitely will not adorn, if somebody accuses you of this. Each text bears the imprint of its author, and an experienced psychologist may describe a person by his manner of narration.