You will need
  • dictionary;
  • - employment history.
Introduce yourself, write information about yourself: surname, name and patronymic, as well as specify the year of birth and address of residence. For example, "I - Petrova Maria Ivanovna, born in 1980, residing at the address: Murmansk, street Garden, d. 210".
Once you have submitted, enter information about your education in chronological order of receipt as the beginning of life is always education and after the work. The autobiography is written depending on the purpose of further use, it can also indicate schooling. However, most of the description starts with special education, therefore specify the school year, as called the school and major you received.
Next, enter in his autobiography, refresher courses, retraining, workshops and seminars. Be sure to specify what year was that received additional education on the topic of seminars, workshops or courses.
Complete the secondary information block autobiography, information about your experience. Start from first job, specify the name of the organization, year of admission, position, duties, date and reason for dismissal. In chronological order, list all places of work.
Write information on incentives, promotions and awards. If the period of illness or vacation of your supervisor you replaced, then be sure to specify this in his autobiography.
Specify other responsibilities, such as if you give lectures in schools or are teaching.
Besides study and work, specify in the biography of your family structure. In the concluding paragraph of his autobiography, specify the total length of your employment.
The finished autobiography translated with a translator program, for example, Promt or native speaker. To translate with the program, then copy the CV and choose the Ukrainian language, hit the translate button, the text will save in Word as a separate file.