You will need
  • computer;
  • program Google Desktop.
For such work in any operating system there is a simple function. To use it, click "start" and click "Search". In the opened window, enter the name that should be looked for. To start the procedure, click "OK". Wait a few seconds.
Can simply open "My computer". Select "Local disk D". On the tab "Toolbar there is an icon in the form of binoculars and it's called "Search". Click on it. Left wizard opens, where you specify the file name and its appearance. Next, select the "Documents" and click "Search".
Wait a couple of minutes and the system will give you the search results. You can also specify additional search parameters. If you do not remember, under what name have saved the document, enter just the extension. doc. Then run the program. Among the list of outcomes is bound to be the file you were looking for.
If the document has been saved recently, you can do the following. Go to "start" and click "Recent documents". Enter the name of the file. Open your Word. Go to "File" select "Open". In the opened window select the place where to search. Can click Recent documents. You will see a list of files that were saved in the last time.
To search for documents and other file types, use Google Desktop. Install the program on your computer. Run it and on the sidebar, enter what you want to find. Can just click on the Google Desktop icon. Click "Search" and wait. Displays a list of the required files. This program will find any file on your computer. In General we can say that the document search on the computer does take a lot of time and effort.