You will need
  • Access the selected user account or admin rights on the PC
Information must be protected. This must be taken care of in advance. If your computer have access to a few people, do not be lazy to create for himself a separate account with a strong password. But if you still suspect that the computer looked to someone else - should be able to test and track. To know what files were open the last simply.
The easiest way to know which files were opened under the force of each. Click "start" in the right column in the default settings, all items are displayed, opened in the computer for the last few days. If this section is missing - set the display. To do this go to control panel, click "Design screen" in the subsection "task Bar and start menu", then "customize start menu". In the opened window click the tab "start Menu" and place a tick in the checkbox "Store and display recently opened items".
Another way to see which files are open on your computer - sort them by date modified. To do this, go to menu "My computer" and make advanced search options: 'Search - Set parameters - Sort by date modified" and then select the desired day. After processing, the screen will display a list of all the files and folders that have been opened for a specified period of time.
It must be remembered that in this case, you will only see filesthat were opened and then re-saved. If, for example, the attacker simply copied the information to external media, search did not show.