You will need
  • -fruits;-
  • -vegetables;-
  • -vitamins;-
  • -exercises;-
  • -tools for massage-
  • -water;-
  • -bath.
To speed up digestion, you need to make the right eating schedule. It is best to take small portions, but five times a day. Because the granularity of power is the main component of all diets. Food speeds up the metabolism, so eat it is necessary.
To speed up the digestive process and restore muscle tissue will help regular exercise with weights. Any physical activity such as running, walking, Cycling, contributes not only to accelerate the process of digestion, but also fat loss.
Speed up your digestion, you can visit the bath or sauna. Through infrared radiation, increasing cellular activity and the skin is provided with oxygen. Steam, Shrouding and warming up the body, improves blood circulation and accelerates metabolism.
Water is an essential participant in the process of metabolism in the body. She engages in the exchange process has been delayed fats, so you need to drink water. In the absence of sufficient amounts of fluid in the body occurs, the slowing of digestion.
It is good to speed up digestion and improve skin condition helps massage. Thanks to the massage force, the blood begins to circulate faster and the metabolism speeds up. Also the body is freed of toxins and excess fluid.
Healthy and deep sleep helps the body develop growth hormone and acceleration of metabolic processes.
To speed up the process of digestion, it is recommended to take a contrast shower or a shower with gradual temperature decrease. Cold water helps the body to cheer up, improve blood circulation and metabolism.
The use of ginger, various fruits, plant foods and vitamins will not only help speed up the digestion process but also strengthen the entire body.