Digestion is one of the most important processes. With the help of the body gets the necessary minerals and vitamins. Also in the process of digestion is allocated is necessary for the life energy.
In nutrition products at time digesting divided into four groups. The first group includes carbohydrate they are digested the fastest. As a rule, the body spends on them no more than 45 minutes. The average time (approximately two hours) is required for processing of protein products cooked in the power saving mode. Prolonged absorption (up to three hours) is needed, mainly for fatty foods or combinations of fat and protein products. The fourth group includes the products of extended learning (three hours), and those which are not digested at all and pass through the body "in transit".
Nutritionists say that to improve the health and weight loss it is best to choose the products of the first and second groups. Fruit, yogurt, berries, greens, vegetables, sprouts wheat, soft cheese, etc., This food is not clogging the intestines, and there are useful trace elements and vitamins are well absorbed. However, frequent guests at the table are the products of the third and fourth groups.
Up to three hours in the stomach may be complicated carbohydrate, fat and protein and just fatty foods. To useful products in this category include cereals, nuts (not soaked in water), curd, legumes, hard cheeses. To harmful and dangerous for your figure and health food nutritionists include fried/steamed in a large amount of oil food, fast food, bakery products, pastries.
Products of the fourth group may stay in the stomach for very long: 3 hours. As a result, the eaten can not be digested. In the first place for a long period of digestion is characteristic of all types of canned food, some pasta (not durum wheat), sausages. Also this group includes meat, poultry, fish. For the longest time to digest pork - 5 hours. Even if you do not know what the heaviness in the stomach, bloating and overeating, nutritionists recommend eating meat and poultry, preparing them simply (oven, steamer) and without garnish.
It should be noted that the digestion time depends not only on the product but also its temperature. Warm, hot or very cold food is digested longer than food at room temperature. On average, the "normalization" condition eaten the stomach takes about 2 hours.