The process of digestion starts in the mouth where also secreted digestive enzymes. Basically, at this stage, there is a softening of food and formation of food bolus. This helps the teeth and tongue. After the food ball gets into the stomach where it is exposed to gastric juice. The final stage of the process occurs in the intestine. Resulting from this substance are absorbed into the bloodstream.
From the liquids digestion requires water, it immediately enters the intestine. Most quickly digested and absorbed food, rich in carbohydrates. This can include almost all fruits, except bananas and grapes. Vegetables, many types of lean fish, eggs are also digested quite quickly. These products are not required hours for full assimilation, the average time to 45 minutes. After they have eaten does not occur of heaviness in the stomach, but quickly comes a feeling of hunger.
With a medium speed digested protein-rich foods with moderate fat content. These include some types of vegetables: potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, pumpkin. An average of 1.5 hours is required for the digestion of dairy products average fat content. The same amount of time is required for the dried fruit and raw nuts, legumes, oily fish and chicken. Also included are cereals, with the exception of products made from whole grains.
For a very long time to digest fatty foods, as well as the combination of fat and protein. This process takes up to three hours. Much time is required unrefined cereals and products made from whole grains, mushrooms, grilled nuts, cheese and cottage cheese high fat content, boiled beans and many baked goods. More than three hours to digest fatty meat, especially pork.
The absorption of the products of this category are difficult for the body many people. Some of them are not digested completely, leaving a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. Then begin the processes of putrefaction and fermentation, actively allocated toxic substances and gases. All this gradually poisons the body. Indigestible products are generally encouraged to eat as little as possible to avoid unpleasant consequences. Also recommended at one time to combine products with the same digestion time. Preference is the products from the first and second categories. It is also worth mentioning that the cold food is digested faster heated. Because it does not bring much satisfaction and satiety.