How to eliminate constipation

Occasional constipation can be addressed through medications. Often, doctors recommend drugs that have a mild laxative effect ("Duphalac", "Forlax"). In most cases, helps enema. Chronic constipation is not treated by methods such as drugs and enemas are addictive, further emptying of the bowel without these funds becomes difficult. With long-term constipation should consult a doctor to identify the causes of these disorders.

An effective method of dealing with chronic constipation is to increase physical activity. Recommend patients for Jogging, speed walking, swimming, skiing, Hiking. Will be useful for regular morning exercises. Reception of laxatives in chronic constipation is possible only after consultation with your doctor. In these cases, usually prescribe drugs based on Senna leaves. If constipation is caused by spasm of the intestine, appointed antispasmodics (No-Spa", "Drotaverine"), as well as drugs that improve intestinal motility ("Trimedat"). If such violations can also help sedatives, warm baths, abdominal massage.

Be sure to revise your diet. Often the cause of constipation lies in the wrong diet. It is necessary to abandon smoked, fatty foods, canned food, spicy food, pasta, rice, pastries, muffins, and alcohol. It is recommended to include in the diet vegetable oil, a sufficient amount of dairy products, vegetables and fruits, food products, composed of bran and cereals. Suffering from constipation need a day to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water.

That can help with indigestion

Indigestion (dyspepsia) is always caused by a deficiency of enzymes. Often need to use fresh herbs (dill, parsley), they contain enzymes that help digestion. A salad of carrots, cabbage, dressed with olive oil. To avoid unpleasant symptoms, you can not rush while eating, you need to chew your food. Indigestion should not drink carbonated drinks, sugar and carbon dioxide after consumption of solid food will cause flatulence. A Cup of coffee after a hearty lunch, will increase the acidity of gastric juice and will cause irritation of the gastric mucosa. After fatty foods should not eat sweets (e.g. fruit).

When indigestion can help half a Cup is drunk before eating decoction of chamomile, parsley, dandelion, peppermint or marigold. Chronic stress need to be added to decoctions lemon balm or hops cones. After meals you can chew some fennel seeds, cardamom or caraway. In that case, if after eating symptoms of indigestion, drink a Cup of herbal tea (e.g., chamomile, fennel or peppermint). Can help a decoction of sage tea with cinnamon, cloves and ginger. For dyspepsia no need to smoke before eating: as a result of this irritated the esophagus and weaken the sphincter that separates it from the stomach. This leads to reflux of acid stomach contents into the esophagus. To reduce the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to eat not earlier than in half an hour after exercising. After a meal need within the hour to avoid any physical activity.