Advice 1: What will help constipation and indigestion in the stomach

Constipation and indigestion can affect people of any age. Similar treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract will depend on the reasons that caused them.
What will help constipation and indigestion in the stomach

How to eliminate constipation

Occasional constipation can be addressed through medications. Often, doctors recommend drugs that have a mild laxative effect ("Duphalac", "Forlax"). In most cases, helps enema. Chronic constipation is not treated by methods such as drugs and enemas are addictive, further emptying of the bowel without these funds becomes difficult. With long-term constipation should consult a doctor to identify the causes of these disorders.

An effective method of dealing with chronic constipation is to increase physical activity. Recommend patients for Jogging, speed walking, swimming, skiing, Hiking. Will be useful for regular morning exercises. Reception of laxatives in chronic constipation is possible only after consultation with your doctor. In these cases, usually prescribe drugs based on Senna leaves. If constipation is caused by spasm of the intestine, appointed antispasmodics (No-Spa", "Drotaverine"), as well as drugs that improve intestinal motility ("Trimedat"). If such violations can also help sedatives, warm baths, abdominal massage.

Be sure to revise your diet. Often the cause of constipation lies in the wrong diet. It is necessary to abandon smoked, fatty foods, canned food, spicy food, pasta, rice, pastries, muffins, and alcohol. It is recommended to include in the diet vegetable oil, a sufficient amount of dairy products, vegetables and fruits, food products, composed of bran and cereals. Suffering from constipation need a day to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water.

That can help with indigestion

Indigestion (dyspepsia) is always caused by a deficiency of enzymes. Often need to use fresh herbs (dill, parsley), they contain enzymes that help digestion. A salad of carrots, cabbage, dressed with olive oil. To avoid unpleasant symptoms, you can not rush while eating, you need to chew your food. Indigestion should not drink carbonated drinks, sugar and carbon dioxide after consumption of solid food will cause flatulence. A Cup of coffee after a hearty lunch, will increase the acidity of gastric juice and will cause irritation of the gastric mucosa. After fatty foods should not eat sweets (e.g. fruit).

When indigestion can help half a Cup is drunk before eating decoction of chamomile, parsley, dandelion, peppermint or marigold. Chronic stress need to be added to decoctions lemon balm or hops cones. After meals you can chew some fennel seeds, cardamom or caraway. In that case, if after eating symptoms of indigestion, drink a Cup of herbal tea (e.g., chamomile, fennel or peppermint). Can help a decoction of sage tea with cinnamon, cloves and ginger. For dyspepsia no need to smoke before eating: as a result of this irritated the esophagus and weaken the sphincter that separates it from the stomach. This leads to reflux of acid stomach contents into the esophagus. To reduce the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to eat not earlier than in half an hour after exercising. After a meal need within the hour to avoid any physical activity.

Advice 2: How to get rid of constipation in newborns

Constipation is common among infants. Most often it occurs in violation of the process of feeding the wrong diet nursing mothers, and also due to early introduction of complementary foods, or the wrong mode of the day of the child. The main signs of constipation in children serve dry, hard stools, the lack of it within two days and more.
How to get rid of constipation in newborns
For treating constipation in babies breastfeeding, it is first necessary to reconsider the diet of the mother. Eat more beets, greens, water, and fiber and prunes. Refrain from foods such as coffee, alcohol, cheese and chocolate. It is useful to make a meal of 2-3 pieces of dried apricots, prunes and some raisins, pour on the night all this yogurt and eat it in the morning. Once the breast milk, these components help to establish the child's gastrointestinal tract.
If a child is on an artificial or mixed feeding, buy formula milk, to prevent constipation and improve digestion baby's. To choose a suitable mix will help the pediatrician.
An important role in the treatment of constipation plays the observance of a day regimen and infant feeding, and proper introduction of complementary foods. Give him more boiled water. Useful here also considered as dill water, and a children's tea with fennel.
Sometimes the cause of constipation in newborns is low physical activity. Try before each feeding to hold baby a simple gymnastic exercises. Lay him on his back and alternately press down to the belly and lower legs. You can perform the exercise "Bicycle": alternately tuck up your belly and one bent at the knee leg.
Often constipation in infants can cause complications: the formation of gas, stomach pain and others. When such symptoms you must take immediate action. Take a small syringe and cut in half, without touching the very tube. Grease it with vegetable oil or baby cream and insert the baby's anus. An alternative to this method is the use of rectal catheters and vent tubes.
After a few minutes, gases and feces should come out. If not, you can use glycerin candles, after talking to the pediatrician. Often doctors prescribe kids "Duphalac". In intestinal colic and flatulence popular with moms use drugs such as "Espumizan", "Plantex" and "SAB Simplex".
Cause the stool in breastfed baby with syringes, gas discharge tubes, candles and syrups only in cases of extreme necessity. Avoid accustoming the child to artificial bowel movement. Organize his food so that it itself was a contributing factor to the proper chair and prevent the formation of constipation.
Useful advice
Keep in mind that constipation in the infant is a disruption of the normal functions of his body. To determine the causes of their formation and treatment consult your doctor. Don't do it yourself.

Advice 3: How to treat constipation in baby

Irregular bowel movement affects children of all ages and from birth. However, getting rid of constipation is often dependent on the exact establishment of the reason. But some measures help to prevent this unpleasant for the baby and the mother phenomenon, and in the event of give good results.
How to treat constipation in baby
Among the variety of reasons for constipation in children, the most common are alimentary factors, and the underfeeding, the high content in dietary protein (casein) or fat, not enough fiber. In children breast-fed on the intestines is affected by the diet of nursing mothers. Not less common cause is disorders of the nervous system, and some diseases – rickets, beriberi, congenital malformations of the intestine and fissures. Since your toddler is potty-trained, or during periods of habituation to children in kindergarten or school cause irregular emptying can become a psychological problem is shyness or fear.
To eliminate constipation in a child breastfeeding, observe your diet. Despite the high demand in protein-rich foods, limit its intake if it adversely affects the health of the baby. Also limit animal fats, eliminate white bread and pastry, sugar, strong tea and coffee, rice, pasta warm drinks. These products reduce the tone of the intestine and fix the baby chair. Be sure to take b vitamins and magnesium. Their deficiency in the mother's milk may be the cause of constipation in children.
Make a toddler daily circular massage of the abdomen, not capturing the right hypochondrium (liver) several times a day apply on the intestinal region (below the navel) warm diaper. Put the baby on the stomach for 10-15 minutes before each feeding. With the introduction of complementary foods every day, let the juices and applesauce homemade with vegetable puree. When the tendency of the baby to constipationm not in the diet include rice pudding and fresh white bread.
To eliminate constipation in children on artificial feeding necessary power correction – change of the mixture, the early introduction of juices, fruit and vegetable purees (1 month before), sufficient drinking boiled water, massage, warm diaper, putting some on his stomach. On prescription give the child vitamin B1.
Since accustom the child to the potty, it is important to develop he has a conditioned reflex to defecate, planting it at the same time. Better to do it in the morning. Then in kindergarten or school the baby will not feel the need to go to the toilet and the consequent embarrassment or fear.
If the treatment of constipation in a child with correction power fail, you should consult a pediatrician. Possible decreased tone of the intestine is associated with lack of vitamins b, D and magnesium, as well as lung diseases. Accordingly, the success in restoring the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract will depend on eliminating the cause.
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