Open the desired text document with extra footers on all pages. On the main menu bar of the program, select the Insert tab and in the drop-down menu, select "header and Footer".
To get started, click on the "header" to open the list in which you select "Delete header".
After that, open "footer" and repeat the effect — click on the option "Remove footer". After these two actions all the footers on all the pages of your text document will be deleted.
You can also click on each header and footer, double-left-click to remove all header and footer text, first selecting it and then pressing Enter. The footer will be deleted.
If you don't like remaining after removal of blank fields, select menu "View" and select "page Layout". Uncheck "Headers print".
You can also manually move the document grid to eliminate the fields which originally housed the header and footer — this may be required for more economical and compact print the document on printer.