You will need
  • Word
Header and footer represent the numbering of the pages (you need them when making diploma, course works, essays, etc.). At the moment some of the most common versions of the program is Word 2003 and Word 2007 edition. Algorithms of actions in these two different versions have a lot in common, but still differ from each other. So if you have Word 2003, click twice on the page number of the document or click on it once with the right mouse button. Usually after that the header and footer disappear.
Go to the section "View" and in the opened pane, click header & Footer. Select "header" (or footer), and then click Delete, then all the footers in the document are removed.
In order to remove the header and footer of the document version 2007, go to the menu "Insert" and then in the group "header and footer". Use the buttons in the "header" and "footer" depending on which one you do not need. For example, select "header" and click "Remove header". Immediately after that, all the headers of the document will be deleted.
If you need to clean the room on the title page of the document go to menu item "File" select "page Settings", where you will need to find the tab "paper Source". Check the box on line "to Distinguish header and footer on first page".
Try another option: select "page setup" under the "Markup" menu. Open the tab "paper Source" and select "headers and footers of the first page". After this number the first (title) page will be missing.