You will need
  • headset;
  • phone.
If you have a regular wired headset Nokia, connect it to your mobile phone and the options displayed on the screen, select the type of connection to Headset if it is not installed automatically.
When using the wireless headset Nokia make sure that she and your mobile phone have sufficient battery power to maintain a conversation using a Bluetooth connection.
Turn both devices Bluetooth on the phone is done in the menu of connections in the headset by pressing and holding one of the buttons the icon to activate the device. After this, run a search in the phone menu.
Locate your wireless headset in the list of available in range Bluetooth devices and pair with it in the mode of the audio device or headset. At the Nokia headset press and hold the connect button until then, until the connection is established.
Please note that you can also use the Nokia wireless headset to pair with mobile phones from other manufacturers with Bluetooth function, the sequence of actions for this will be approximately the same as that of Nokia devices.
If you want to use a wired headset manufacturer Nokia in mobile phones from other manufacturers, pay attention to the according connectors. Even if the device will fit together, it is possible that their sharing will be unavailable.
If you connect a Nokia wired headset to your mobile device you have problems with sound, click the big button on the microphone. If pressing the voice is better heard, and when you let go of the button, the fault appeared again, it is possible that you are using an incompatible headset. You need to replace it.