Connect the subwoofer to the audio out connector on the TV cable, which comes complete with a sound system. This is assuming that you have an active subwoofer, which is the main part of the acoustic system. This operation is simple, it can carry out.
Connect the subwoofer to the TV via home theater. So the subwoofer will be passive and will be connected via the amplifier to the TV audio output. In this case, connect the sub to the TV will be slightly more complicated than in the past. The connection is made by means of connecting wires.
In this situation, observe the polarity for both the subwoofer. This is especially important when working car models, because they are used much more power. That is, depending on how you connect the sub to the amp will depend on the term "life" first.
Connect the subwoofer to the receiver. Many TVs have a multi-channel amplifier-receiver. Connect the subwoofer to operate in parallel with the front - then have a great effect achieved. The SAB will be to cut all low frequencies, and the fronts will be much easier to work with.
Set the receiver that the subwoofer is not, and he will transfer the LFE to the fronts. And connect the subwoofer to the receiver strictly according to instructions, which is included in the kit.
Contact radio workshop. Experts will easily cope with this task. If you are sure you can do it, it is better to entrust the job to professionals, because of your connections will depend not only on the quality of sound, but also the work equipment in General, and you risk damaging the subwoofer and the TV.