You will need
  • Music center, TV, transitional cord.
Fun devices. Inspect the TV and music centre, you'll notice them on a pair of identical connectors. Data connectors will be identical not only by type but also by their colors. More specifically, these connectors are provided for receiving and transmitting sound to other devices. They and you need. Before you begin to connect musical center to a TV, you need to visit the specialized store, where you must purchase "pair wire for audio" (this wire is called, explain to the seller what it is for and will provide you with the right product).
Once the appropriate wire is purchased, you need to perform the following steps. Insert one end of the wires (two plugs) red and white connector on the TV. The other end into the red and white connector on the music centreE.
Turn on the music centre and TV. The sound does not play? Right now you do not hear. To start audio from the TV to the music center, you need to switch the center to the playback mode to "AUX". Once you do, you will immediately hear from the speakers the sound signal broadcasted from the TV.