Advice 1: How to connect music center to your TV

Connecting the music center to the TV, you will achieve not only increase volume but also improve its quality in General. To connect, you'll need to spend a couple of minutes of your time for appropriate action.
How to connect music center to your TV
You will need
  • Music center, TV, transitional cord.
Fun devices. Inspect the TV and music centre, you'll notice them on a pair of identical connectors. Data connectors will be identical not only by type but also by their colors. More specifically, these connectors are provided for receiving and transmitting sound to other devices. They and you need. Before you begin to connect musical center to a TV, you need to visit the specialized store, where you must purchase "pair wire for audio" (this wire is called, explain to the seller what it is for and will provide you with the right product).
Once the appropriate wire is purchased, you need to perform the following steps. Insert one end of the wires (two plugs) red and white connector on the TV. The other end into the red and white connector on the music centreE.
Turn on the music centre and TV. The sound does not play? Right now you do not hear. To start audio from the TV to the music center, you need to switch the center to the playback mode to "AUX". Once you do, you will immediately hear from the speakers the sound signal broadcasted from the TV.

Advice 2: How to connect sound to TV

The speakers built into the TV, often have mediocre sound quality. To improve it by connecting external speakers. They can be attached in two ways: through an amplifier or directly.
How to connect sound to TV
In order to use the first method, you'll need the skills of maintenance of TVs and perfect knowledge of the safety rules. Turn off the TV, open it (do not expose it to shock, not to break the picture tube or LCD panel), and then, without touching the picture tube, high voltage wire, as well as parts of the power supply, video amplifier, power Converter backlight (LCD TV), line scan (a tube in the TV - and any other parts), desolder the wires to the speaker, splice them long cable, and then output outside of the TV so that they do not pass near any high voltage circuits. Have a stereo TV output cables from both channels. Then close the housing unit. If you are not confident, commit the operation by a qualified technician.
Take a speaker system with a resistance similar to the same parameter built-in speaker of the TV or stronger than him. Connect the cable you output to this speaker system. If the resistance of one system is lower than the loudspeaker of the TV, but you have two of them and their total resistance exceeds this figure, connect them in series. If the TV is stereo, connect the acoustic system instead of each of the built-in speakers.
The second method does not require considerable skill, but involves the use of an external amplifier and requires the TV line-out sound. Output signal clear with RCA connector Audio out (building - ground, center pin - output of sound), with DIN-connector "VCR" (the middle contact is common, and output, depending on the model year of the TV, can serve as either the rightmost or the leftmost pin) or SCART connector (pin 3 - output, 4 - common).
The signal feed to the input of the amplifier, where it can be used connector to RCA or DIN. Way to connect to those connectors described above. The stereo amplifier features either two RCA jacks, either a single DIN, which is input to the right channel uses one of the extreme contacts (which depends on the year of its release), and for left - contact between the contacts of the right channel and common wires. If the TV is mono, and the amplifier - stereo inputs (but not outputs!) amplifier connect together.
Turn on the TV and in the presence of amp. In the second case, initially set the amplifier to minimal volume. Then adjust it to the desired level.
Do not perform the above-described manipulation with auto transformer and transformerless TVs.
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