You will need
  • computer;
  • - TV
  • - HDMI adapter;
  • driver.
Check the following points before connecting the HDMI. The output of the sound through this interface can be implemented only for HD2000 and higher. The sound will be output only if you have the proprietary ATI adapter. If the map contains an HDMI output, the chip on the video card soldered. On some cards, the chip can be soldered to the card itself, and one of the DVI connectors of this card is yellow, then the adapter will connect to it. If you have a branded adapter by ATI that corresponds to a series of maps, the sound get a separate cable through the output sound card to the input of the TV. Many TVs made a separate video input for video and audio, if enabled, is activated and the sound input.
Use the following types of adapters for different cards to configure sound on HDMI work the first time: for HD2000 series cards use adapter black color code 6141054300G and inscription Rev. A. For HD3000 series cards take the adapter is gray, the code 6140063500G and inscription Rev. B. For HD4000 card adapter gray code 6140063501G and inscription Rev. A (or B).
Adjust the sound after the connection. If after you have installed the driver for the sound chip graphics card, lost sound, then it means that the sound chip was set up as a sound device by default. Assign a primary sound card as the default device. To distribute the output sound for different cards, for example, music and games on the main map, and movies on the TV using the HDMI output in the player set the output to HDMI Audio. Then, to improve the sound to HDMI, restart the computer and install the realtek audio driver 2.09, you can download them on the website