You will need
  • Socket and trailer plug, mounting kit, power cable.
Diagram European wiring as follows: pin 1 (denoted L) – left turn signal pin 2 (54G) rear fog light pin 3 ( designated as 31) – ground, pin 4 (R) – right turn signal, pin 5 (58R) right marker light and license plate light, pin 6 (denoted as 54) stop-signal, pin 7 (58L) – left marker light. All the used wire cross-section 1.5 sq. mm, with the exception of ground (here the cross-section of 2.5 sq. mm).
The Russian scheme is as follows: pin 1 – left turn signal (yellow wire), pin 2 – fog lamp (blue wire), 3 contact – ground (white wire), pin 4 – right turn signal (green wire), 5 a contact reserve, 6 Kontakt – mounted stop lamp (brown wire), 7 contact – marker lamps (black wire).
With any combination of electrical circuits of the tractor and trailer main features will be observed. However, if the tractor with the Russian scheme, and the European trailer, the trailer may not work right marker light. If the tractor is European, and the domestic trailer, the trailer may not work right marker lamp when it is turned on. And when you turn on the left tail light will work both.
Connect the connector a simple and inexpensive machine by tapping into the electrical circuit through the rear lights. If a truck is equipped with K-bus or led tail lights for the connection of the connector to be stretching the power wire and install a unit with a relay. As control signals, use the signals from the rear lights of the tractor. For power cable, suitable stranded copper wire with dual insulation and a cross section of each conductor is not less than 1.5 sq. mm. Connections need to do to mount they are just the only right way. To do this, the contacts need to be alternated, when joining the outlet to be guided by a special cut in the bottom of the socket.
Attach the socket to the metal bracket on the towbar using a 3 x screws with nuts. This fixture there is no need to redo it when you replace the outlet.