You will need
  • - needle file or a file;
  • - pliers;
  • - screwdriver.
After you make sure you purchase the proper cigarette lighter socket, crimp the wire and start pre-training. Bare wire at a distance of about 7 mm and crimp them to the terminals. After this "fling" wires with terminals on the pads. The other ends of the wires do not touch. At this stage, determine the polarity and mark the ends of the wires, in order not to confuse.
Pre-read the manual on removing the Central console. For maximum convenience, remove the armrest and the casing of the gearshift lever. Disconnect the wire responsible for the backlight, then pull the block. To do this you have to Unscrew a few screws, located in the most accessible locations.
To implement the direct connection, free up your workspace from wires ashtray and cigarette lighter and measure the length of the new harness. Then connect the new wire connecting clips: a single wire to white-brown wire (lamp backlight), the next 2 wires to the wires for cigarette lighter (black – ground, yellow – "power"). New wiring harness wrap tape in several places so it does not split into parts. Then drag down vacated from the old cigarette lighter plug.
To verify the cigarette lighter, plug in the new harness. If it works normally, contact must be removed, if not, give the lighter is in working condition and unplug it. Performing this step, be extremely careful not to confuse the wires.
Then get an old cigarette lighter, if any, and insert in its place a new one that needs to be disassembled (glass, ring, block the backlights). The installation must be done in this order: push the ring insert the glass, then the light bulb lights. If the ring diameter is larger than the plug for it with a file or needle file to extend the hole to the desired size.