The choice of tires for the Niva

"Fields" are widespread, and many motorists appreciate them for excellent off-road qualities. And since the condition of roads in modern cities leaves much to be desired, they can rightfully be considered a great city car.

Preparing for the next season, the owner should think about changing tires. You should not rely on the fact that the same set of tires fit for any weather. What is popularly called "vsesezonka" in fact, not be as effective for winter, it is more summer tires.

Winter and summer tyres

Winter tyres differ from summer not only a kind of tread, presence of thorns, but also its composition. Tyres for summer is more rigid, designed to withstand high zero temperature. Low temperature affects the elasticity of such tires and, consequently, the quality of adhesion to the road surface. Winter is softer, it protector is designed specifically to deal with snow and ice, and in warmer weather she wears out quickly. In addition, she is absolutely not fit to travel in high humidity conditions. So, choosing tires for their "Fields", you must consider all of the above.

The tread pattern and tire size for "Niva"

With all this, the owner is required to pay attention to the tread pattern. He must be fully match the quality of the road surface, which will move the car. And, of course, it is important not to confuse the size. Regular tire for the "normal" "Fields" have a size of 175/80R16 for Chevrolet Niva – 215/75/R15 or 215/65/R16.

The choice of wheels

It remains to deal with the form of discs, as they are known, are stamped, cast and forged. Someone is trying to make your car "indestructible", for some aesthetics. Today the variety available it is easy to come to the correct decision and make a choice in favor of precisely those qualities that are important for the vehicle owner.

Stamped discs are the most common, simple to operate and have low price. Besides, they are easy to repair. However, they are the heaviest of all and subject to corrosion.

Alloy wheels are made from alloys of aluminum or magnesium. They are quite lightweight, which significantly reduces the fuel consumption and the load on the vehicle suspension system, and, simultaneously, the most fragile. Such discs, due to many design solutions, have become almost objects of art and allow you to give your car a unique look.

The easiest and lasting throughout the hierarchy are forged wheels, however, their price is several times higher compared to the rest. This is a high quality product, innovative design which makes it almost 30% lighter than cast and 50% extruded disc.

Summarizing, we note that the choice for your car like rims and rubber, is always guided by the size stated by the manufacturer, as the installation of a different size requires some alterations.