You will need
  • noise suppression foam otkrytiy material with a protective film aluminazirconia 12 mm thick (No. 1);
  • - vibration damping bitumen material with protective aluminum foil with a thickness of 2 mm (No. 2);
  • - bituminous vibration damping laminate thickness of 4 mm (No. 3);
  • - bituminous cardboard with a shock-absorbing layer with a thickness of 1.5 mm (No. 4);
  • - bituminous vibration damping laminate with a thickness of 2 mm (No. 5);
  • - glued together the materials No. 1 and No. 5;
  • - Guerlain;
  • - foam thickness 1 cm
All surfaces exposed to noise, at first carefully measure. Then cutting purchased materials and adjust the place of the cut out pieces. Pasted over the surface degrease with gasoline. All materials, except for # 1, once attached, heat with a Hairdryer. To facilitate cutting of the material No. 3 pre-heat it.
Remove the gas tank. The floor under it paste over material No. 2. For dismantling the ceiling, remove the windshield and rear side glass. Regular fiberglass completely remove the liberated surface of the brush. Glue material No. 4, and on top of it – material No. 1.
The gear housing glue material No. 2 from the inner side. It will have to first remove the transmission and clutch. Compartment side, remove the factory insulation and glue material No. 3. Additionally, to reduce noise loop transmission. Handle the control transfer box wrap material No. 5.
The rear fenders first seal material No. 3, and the top material No. 1. Amplifiers paste over the material No. 5. The plastic trim of the rear fenders from the inside, seal foam with a thickness of 1 mm. the rear wheel Arch glue material No. 3.
Engine compartment up to the spars glue material No. 2. The leaves stick butt jointed without overlap. Try to glue the space behind the engine. The same material paste over the body of the air intake heater. The hood is decorated with material No. 6.
From the doors, remove the standard insulation, clean the metal from corrosion and apply material No. 4, and on top of it to material # 1. Rear side door trim glue porous polyethylene. On the plastic trim of the rear doors optionally attach a foam thickness of 1 cm.
With the inner part of the heater unit and ducts, as well as all the plastic parts and interior glue material No. 5. The very beauty from the inside glue the material No. 3 of the lower frame of the windshield to the back door. On top of all of the installed noise insulation apply adhesive Guerlain. Mats wrap material No. 5
When you build the car solivita new holes and use fasteners of greater length, where necessary.