Find a dealership that sells this model car. It would seem that so many of them, but there is a small problem. Not all salons that sell the products of AVTOVAZ are on the platform of the Chevy Niva. And even fewer of Chevrolet showrooms, where this model is presented. Therefore, car dealers need to ring in advance. Among them there are those who put the Field on order from the factory. Will have to wait 3-4 months. But in this case, you have the opportunity to Supplement the vehicle additional equipment.
Select vehicle. Niva Chevrolet is available in four variants. Standard L differs from the more expensive versions lack some elements and security systems. But airbags and ABS is just essential. It's best to pay the small difference and buy a car in GLS or GLС. In the past it even includes the conditioning. Price range on the car varies from 440 to 550 thousand rubles.
Pre-owned vehicle before purchase to thoroughly inspect. Into the weak spots of the Fields refers suspension. Check the condition of the ball joint, seals, steering linkage. If a car has more mileage, possible problems with the electrics - check the condition of all wiring, relays, safety pads. Look at the operation of the generator, starter, fan. The latter often fails and must be replaced immediately after buying the car.
Given that this machine is often used in bad weather and road conditions, inspect the body of the vehicle. Cars older than three years can already show the first signs of corrosion. The interior of the vehicle after the purchase it is better to change, to do new insulation and to strengthen plastic parts.