Log in to your account mobile banking, using the Bank provided the organization a username and password. Go to settings and find the option of changing phone number. Please note that the installation of the new numbers you will need previous that you specified when you connect to the mobile Bank service. After you specify a new combination, to your old number will receive an SMS message with a verification code that must be entered in the appropriate field. However, this method is provided not by all banks. Some organizations have refused it, because it is unsafe.
If you have no access to the old phone number, it should be restored. If you, for example, lost SIM card, you can contact one of salons of cellular communication of your mobile operator and write a statement to restore lost numbers. In the absence of this, use additional methods of installing new phone number, without using the old.
Call the support center of the Bank, listed on the organization's website. Tell the operator that you have lost access to the default phone number. Technical support specialists at will make changing the username and password to log in to the mobile Bank, as well as install the desired number. Remember that to verify your identity you will need to provide passport information, previous phone number and a personal code word, chosen by you at registration of the client contract in the Bank.
Note other ways of changing the phone number in the mobile Bank. For example, you can contact the technical support of the Bank through e-mail or to visit your nearest branch. You will be asked to make an application for change of personal data required by your Bank sample. After checking the document, the Bank statements will produce a change of the number in your account.
If you do not remember your previous phone number (it's hidden in the dashboard), a visit to a Bank branch will be required. Usually in such cases the Bank shall terminate the old contract with the client and prepares a new one. In the new Treaty enter a phone number. Note that this will also change your Bank details, and all the funds in the old account will be issued to employees of the Bank.