You will need
  • - formal passport in WebMoney.
Run WebMoney Keeper Classic and log in with your username. Next, go to the verification Center ( and confirm your WMID. If the settings you have set to confirm transactions, but you do not have access to the specified profile to the phone, then select "Without confirmation".
Open the verification Centre section Panel "control certificate". Find the row with your mobile phone number and click the icon or label Change. In the window that appears, carefully read the information from the system WebMoney. If you with all the items agree, then enter in the box the new phone number and click "Next". After that the specified phone number will receive an sms with a verification code.
Enter the verification code (consists of 5 digits) in the appropriate field and click Next. This procedure is necessary to validate the new phone number. However, he still will not be attached to your WebMoney. Now you need to confirm that the changes it makes the owner of the given WMID.
If you have access to the old phone number, then after successful completion of the previous phase will receive an sms with a verification code of 6 digits. It should be entered in the appropriate field. If for any reason you are unable to do so, select one of the options to prove their identity offered by Webmoney system.
Go to the verification Centre via E-num. You can do it only on the condition that this service was connected to your WMID. Authorization in this way will actually allow you to instantly change the phone number.
Answer the security question you specified during registration in WebMoney system. However, this option has a significant drawback – the telephone number change happens at least 2 days (maximum 30 days).
Ask your friends who are members of WebMoney, verify your identity and the fact that changes phone number. The new mobile phone will be included in the profile immediately after receiving such evidence.
Create a written statement about the change a phone number and bring it to the office of WebMoney. Be sure to take a document confirming your identity. You can also send him a letter, previously assured by a notary. Considers the application within 10 working days.