The experiment was Director for science FSUE ZNIIS Victor Kaledin, as well as Deputy Director General of JSC "MTT" Dmitry Gurkin. In its course has successfully carried forward the 10 first numbers from the network "SkyLink" (St.-Petersburg) in the network of "SMARTS" (Ulyanovsk), and then in the opposite direction. The so-called "route operator" was the technical means of JSC "MTT", and the NTC Proteus was responsible for technological support.
As noted by the administrator of communications and mass communications Naum Marder, the disadvantage of this experiment is to use only 1 variant of the organization of the transfer of the subscriber number. Marder believes that the choice should be made from several options MNP after a detailed analysis of each of them.
Although previously reported that the introduction of the save phone number when changing operator will happen in 2014, Deputy Minister admits that this can happen already in 2013. At the request of the Marder, they receive feedback on the draft law and see that many users insist that it happened from 1 January 2013. He does not exclude that to take place maybe it is the decision of the government.
One of the key issues on the introduction of this service – define cost of the operator (recall that the draft law is the service to subscribers free). How to evaluate VimpelCom, network operator costs related to MNP implementation, depending on the technical implementation scheme and with modifications to the IP systems, there will be a $50-60 million at the very least. Excluding one-time costs, operators will also have to pay at least $10 million for the contents of the storage number capacity clearing company.
The President of "Tele2 Russia" Dmitry Strashnov, in turn, said earlier "Vedomosti" that the level of costs of the introduction of MNP may be of the order of 10-15 million euros.