In a social network "Vkontakte", you can specify the phone number on the page in the section "Contact information". Also show the phone number as personal data for registration and, in the future, for authorization and confirmation of the account for you. If your phone number has changed, you can adjust it on your page in the social network.
First of all, you need to log in to the site "Vkontakte". On the main page enter your username and password and click "Login". After that you will be on your personal page.
If you want to change the phone number that your friends see on social network, in the upper left corner of the website next to the menu item "My page" click "ed". You will see a General tab containing your personal information. Go to the "Contact" page by clicking on it with the left mouse button. Remove obsolete data from the field "Mobile phone" and "Additional telephone" and enter new information. If you wish, you may fill only one of these fields. Then click "Save".
Also change the phone in another way. Click on the menu item "My page" in the upper left corner of the site. On the right you will see information about you. Click on the link "Show details". Under "Contact info" gives you information about your phone. To change it, click Edit, make the necessary edits and click "Save".
To change the phone number that is the ID of the accessories you page "Vkontakte", in the menu on the left side of the page, click "My settings". Under "My phone number" will be shown your current data. To adjust this, click the "Change phone number", edit the information on the current and click the "Get code". After that, your mobile phone will receive free SMS. Enter the data in the "confirmation Code" and click "Send". Phone number, which is "attached" to your account in a social network "Vkontakte" will be changed after 14 days, unless you cancel the request.
The phone number that your friends see, and disclosures to identify on the website, not linked. If you wish, you can change only one of them. If you need to adjust both numbers, you should correct each individually.