You will need
  • computer;
  • -access to the Internet;
  • -the mobile phone.
So, go to your profile. Click on the tab "My settings". Next scroll down until you find the inscription "Change mobile phone". In the field "New number" write the actual appropriate combination of numbers to contact you. Then click on "Change number phone". This will open the form with an explanation that both rooms received SMS with confirmation codes. You must specify them below. If you do not have access to the old number, click "here" to be contained in the text window.
When you clicked, opens another form. There specify the code that came on the new number. If the SMS does not reach you within 15 minutes, try to re-request a code. All this is done absolutely for free. So there is nothing to fear. Over the next two weeks your page will periodically get a message saying that the system will soon change the room. After this temporary time-out room will be changed completely.
Using a mobile phone you can easily manage your page Vkontakte. For SMS messages, you can post statuses on the wall. Or perhaps you are on vacation, and there is no way to access the Internet from your computer. Then again, refer to the cell phone. Because MMC is so convenient to upload fresh pictures to their friends.
In General, your mobile phone is a kind of ticket to the world of website Vkontakte. With the help of it you can also get notifications about updates in the accounts of interesting people, or on the contrary to invite and register new users. To do this, click the "Invite" button that is located at the top right and follow the instructions at the invitation of the people. For such service , the person who wanted to get to the site Vkontakte to say to you only words of gratitude.