You will need
  • Any device that can access the Internet.
Much faster you will be able to find information on missing person, if known not only his name and year of birth, and rank, place of residence.
Go to the website of "memorial" (, fill in the window name, name and patronymic, year of birth, and other known information, then click "search". You will see a list of people with the same data, try among them to find the right person, using the column "place of birth".
If you know a lot more about missing than just the name, place and year of birth, use the "advanced search".
Enter, for example, the date and place of recruitment, camp number, place of capture, hospital, etc., click "search". In this case, you most likely will have information about the desired or will notify you that this information in databases no.
Go to the "Feat of the people" ( at the top of opposite symbols in the form of rewards, choose one of the options: "people awards", "documents", "geography of war". Depending on the selected in the search bar enter either the name and year of birth or document number and date, click "search". If the database information is available, it will open in a new window.
Go to the "memorial of the great Patriotic war" ( in the upper right corner in the search bar enter the name of the one whose information they want to find, click "search". If not then try to slightly change the search criteria by placing a tick opposite the "one word" or "exact phrase".