The people missing on the battlefield, many are looking for. It the creators of Internet resources, children's and youth organizations, the staff of a specially created television and radio broadcasts. Unmarked graves every year becoming less, relatives of the heroes are increasingly aware of their destiny.
The easiest way to find information about their loved ones who participated in the great Patriotic war - to apply to the relevant sites. To such as,, and others. There are data and documents about the missing and the dead on the battlefields. In addition, this portal contains information about surviving world war II veterans.
To register on the website to know the person is not necessary. Enter the search string surname, name, patronymic and date of birth. Other data - rank and years of service, medals and orders - check the extended questionnaire. Enter all known information about the veteran. If the positive result is most likely. Information portals for data produced by volunteers, engaged in excavations in areas of fighting. And people who by the nature of their activities often face lonely elderly people - social workers, police, medical personnel. The database is constantly updated, so it makes sense to check the lists two to three times per month.
When independent searches in what have not resulted, contact the program "Wait for me". This unique international project. Programme staff and volunteers carry out searches not only throughout Russia but also in other countries. Fill out the form on the website">www.poisk.vid.ruthat the veteran began to seek. There is a very detailed description of the signs of the man. If there's a photo - attach it to the message. In addition, look for the participant of the great Patriotic war among those who are already listed on the website. For this purpose in the upper right corner enter your name. The resource will give you the entire list of people with the appropriate parameters. Weekly with the program "Wait for me" find more than sixty people. Of these, thirty percent died on the battlefield and missing veterans.