Enter a search string in the browser address common database "memorial" Wait a few seconds until initialization, and you will be redirected to the main search page. Here you will be able to immediately begin to search through the database of military archives, a list of sources of information, tips and service.
On the tab "Set the fate of the" fill in the active fields existing information. In most cases it can only be a first and last name. Click "search" to activate the search document for the given parameters. If you want to set the search parameters according to individual criteria, click on the "advanced search". Here you can select individual documents, such as orders, card files, lists of burials, etc.
In the opened window you will see the search results and can more accurately determine the destiny of the warrior by selecting from the list the string which most accurately match your information. For example, it will be possible to navigate to the place call a serviceman. To go to the page with your personal data click on the active part of the string in the place where it says surname, name and patronymic of the missing soldier.Here you can learn about the fate of the soldier: part number, in which he served, military rank, place where he went missing, the date and circumstances of the tragedy. In some cases, this will be an indication of the prisoner, indicating the camp (name, number, and location) and date of death.
All this information will be confirmed attached the scanned copies of original documents from the archives of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and Fund of Passports of military graves".