First and foremost, gather as much data as possible to the wanted soldier. It may be biographical data, front-line photographs, awards, letters, orders, and so on.
Find out which were your missing relative, and send to the respective Department request. The archives there and at the Ministry of defense (TSAMO - Central archive of Ministry of defense), and Navy (ZUMA - the Central Navy archive of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation), and the NKVD. Also send a request to the Military memorial center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
Look for information about your warrior in the "Book of memory". These books came in the eighty-six Russian regions, and they contain a large database on dead and missing soldierH. Please note, the "Books of memory" are formed at the place of recruitment.
Put a wanted notice on one of the many search sites on the Internet. The search window usually consists of several fields. The more fields you complete, the greater the likelihood of finding the missing soldier. Here you will need the information you have collected about your warrior.
The world wide web there are many forums dedicated to search of soldiers. Do not neglect them. Please note, you use the forums makes sense when you have more or less reliable information: what part of fighting, the number of APO's origin last letter which area was missing, which presumably can be buried and so on. He who seeks will always find.