To smoke in grills different foods – meat, fish, you'll need the drug, gives the dish a distinctive smoked taste and characteristic Golden color, it is called "liquid smoke" and alder sawdust. The sawdust they sell as accessories for aerogrill and you can buy them in any supermarket.
Before Smoking, the products should be prepared. First, the meat or fish is washed, rubbed with salt and spices, watered with the preparation for Smoking and leave for some time at room temperature to marinate. The fish can be kept an hour or two, meat – up to 12 hours.
If you are making meatloaf or fish, it is better to bind them with rope made of natural fibers to soft smoked products does not fall apart after cooking. The grate can be oiled to her nothing sticks.
Put it on your fish and set the bars on the lower level of the grills. On wehni level place a steamer in a special box with holes, into which pour alder sawdust, slightly moistened with water. The steamer usually comes with aerocrine.
Cooking mode for smoked fish, you can use a one-step, by setting the working temperature at 180 ° C, cooking time at medium fan speed by 40 minutes.
For cooking meat pre-heat the grill on high grill place the prepared piece of meat and cook in two stages. First, at a temperature of 230-235оС and medium speed fan keep the meat for 10 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 150 and leave it for another 20 minutes.