You will need
    • chilled meat (pork
    • beef or lamb);
    • spices and salt;
    • garlic
    • Bay leaf
    • cloves;
    • dietary nitrate;
    • smokehouse.
Choose which type of meat for Smoking. It is better to buy chilled meat, not frozen. Then the finished dish will be more juicy and tasty, will have an attractive appearance and will not fall apart.
Prepare the pork by Smoking. Smoked ham, bacon and loin to give them a spicy taste and prolong their preservation. At home meat can be smoked in a homemade smoker. Take 10 kg of pork, five cloves of garlic, 50 g sugar, 5 Bay leaves, 5 grams black pepper 3 grams cloves, 300 g of salt.Method of preparation: garlic and Bay leaves, and salt, sugar and spices, and finely grind. This mixture RUB the fresh pieces of meat and place in a container, put the oppression and leave in a cool place. Every two days, transfer the meat pieces from the bottom up. Three weeks later, drain the juice and save the meat for another three days for salting. Then pour the meat with water and steep for 14 hours. Rinse with warm water, hang for drying in the open air for four days. Smoke cold way in one week.
For dry salting, take 10 kg of beef, 400 g of salt and 10 g of dietary nitrate. Fresh beef, rinse, Pat dry and RUB a mixture of salt and saltpeter. Put in a container, leave in a warm place for 12 - 16 hours. Remove and hang to weathering for a few hours, then cold smoke for two weeks.
Try to smoke lamb. Take 10 kg of mutton, 420 g of salt and 12 g of dietary nitrate, pepper to taste.
Dip the meat in boiling water and bring to a boil. Then remove and let dry. Salt and nitrate with peppers mix and grind. RUB this mixture on the lamb. Place in the brine dishes, the top press. After 24 hours, remove the meat to a cool place and leave the lamb on for two weeks. Smoked lamb need cold way.