You will need
    • ham;
    • the Smoking apparatus;
    • sawdust;
    • salt;
    • pepper.
Take the ham and rinse it thoroughly under water. Dry it with a towel. The day before cooking, put it in a separate container, is better enamel. Take salt, preferably large, RUB her a piece of meat. Put it on the day in a cool place.

Prepare a bucket, it should be with lid. Pour it in the sawdust so that the formed layer is not more than 10 inches. Tie to the handle of the lid is pre-wrapped in a thick layer four times folded gauze long period of time, turn the lid knob down and close tightly. Homemade smoke machine is ready. It can be put on a slow fire.

Use ready-made Smoking devices, the willingness of the ham is determined by eye. Pound a piece of pork can be good to smoke for about 1-2 hours. The entire procedure should be performed outdoors, even on the grill, pre-setting it on the grate.

Take sawdust of origin, as spruce and pine contains a lot of resinous substances. They can make smoked foods a bitter taste. If the farm is not cover, it can replace a piece of plywood, just in the middle we must first make a loop to bind the meat.

Place the meat in the smoke so that it is not in contact with each other and was very close to the smoke generation. Can between them lay the cheesecloth or tie plates. Do not let the fire flare up strongly - to do this, periodically pour the moistened sawdust. Follow the smoke temperature on the thermometer.